Dedicated resident administrators and professional contractors build business flows within the contract area and work on day-to-day operations.

Based on the order conditions received from the customer, a professional contractor sets the amount of money for the contract range and deliverables. In addition, with the creation of work standard offices, we will establish business flows, set production management and quality control mechanisms, prepare for contracting, and build contract workplaces.


※A contract is intended to complete a job as a result of labor (Article 632 of the Civil Code), but the difference from dispatching workers is that the contract does not create a command-and-order relationship between the order and the worker.

Features of the service

Follow up with dedicated management personnel and professional contractors

We have a resident manager to manage the progress of business, manage labor of personnel, and perform daily operations. In addition, professional contractors indirectly check progress, flow of business, manage quality, etc., and manage the progress of the entire contracting workplace.

Speed response and securing human resources that meet your needs

We can respond to staffing by speed matching human resources who want to work immediately from among the registered staff. In addition, we will recruit and place human resources in contracting workplaces, taking into account the right human resources (experience, qualifications, skills, etc.) that are suitable for the workplace and work.

Supported industries

Office Work

What you’re working on
  • General affairs
  • OA office work
  • Reception information
  • Accounting
  • General Affairs
  • Sales
Case Study
  • Factors to compensate for full-time employee leave
  • Business response that occurs during busy periods

Manufacturing work

What you’re working on
  • Assembly work
  • Line work
  • Inspection business
  • Machine operator
  • Manufacturing affairs
Case Study
  • Increased staff due to shift of work at busy periods
  • Increased staff due to shift of work at busy periods

Logistics warehouse work

What you’re working on
  • Picking
  • Packing business
  • Shipping business
  • Forklift operations
Case Study
  • Business response that occurs during busy periods
  • Staff shortages in difficult-to-hire areas

Food and beverage and service industry

What you’re working on
  • Kitchen
  • Cash register
  • Back yard
  • Hotel bed making
  • Cleaning of inn rooms
Case Study
  • Vacancy response, replenishment personnel for shift shortage
  • Business response that occurs during busy periods

Call center

What you’re working on
  • Telephone operator
Case Study
  •  Inquiries about products (inbound business)
  • Inquiries about products (inbound business)

Event campaigns

What you’re working on
  • Flyer distribution
  • Event set-up and operation
  • Sales support
Case Study
  • Promotion of flyer distribution in campaigns, etc.
  • Promotion of flyer distribution in campaigns, etc.