Wearing masks in connection with the declaration of emergency

In response to the declaration of emergency by the new corona virus from the Japanese government, we have implemented the following measures as a measure to prevent the spread of infection as a tea factory, so thank you for your response to all of you.

Period: From today to Sunday, May 10, 2020
Contents: Thorough wearing of masks in the pick-up and drop-off car (see below for details)
Target: Pick-up and drop-off

Concrete measures

1.Please distribute one mask to each staff member once a week.
2.Because the transfer inside the car is a closed close space, it is necessary to wear a mask.
3.If you are not wearing a mask, please do not allow you to ride (no work).
4.However, if you have a person who forgets the mask substitute it with kitchen paper or handkerchief, you can ride it.

Things to keep in

1.The company will provide the mask free of charge during the implementation period so that the staff will not have any trouble with the collection of masks, but if you forget, it will not be distributed additionally. Mask non-wearers can not ride, so those who are missing should substitute as described above.
2.One per person, please thoroughly every week. Please manage so that more than one piece does not go around to one person.
3.During the transfer, please open the window as appropriate and ventilate.
4.Please introduce air conditioning (air conditioning) outside air.

T-Factory Safety and Health Committee