Dispatch of International Students

In Japan, which aims to globalize society, our mission is to support international students and provide services to our customers through “job creation.” 

In order to become independent in their lives in Japan, international students are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for their work, and many students are enthusiastic about their work, so many companies have highly evaluated them.
TF cooperates with Japanese language schools, vocational schools, universities, etc., and has always built a network with a large number of international students, and it is possible to introduce better human resources quickly.

In addition, companies that provide workplaces will be equipped with people who can interpret, and we will conduct introduction education (safety, workplace ground rules, explanation of work, etc.).
After that, we will continue to support companies and international students through workplace tours and personal interviews after work.

Flow of “Dispatch of International Students”

  • Select the shortage and the department to introduce
    We will make an estimate in consideration of the conditions such as work content.
  • We will recruit and select personnel considering the content and conditions of recruitment for international students, commuting methods and time.
  • We will conduct a tour of the candidate’s workplace on the specified schedule.

    At that time, the person in charge will explain about the work content etc.

Work will begin as a temporary employee.
Our staff will conduct pre-introduction education and will be assigned to follow international students.

Follow up on international students with dedicated coordinators and foreign staff

We conduct basic education such as manners and grand rules in advance, and maintain the motivation of the staff by consulting and following the problem in the workplace every day by regular interviews and follow-up of dispatch staff.

We will create and propose a staff management (follow-up) plan after consulting with customers, taking into account the number of people, work environment, etc. as necessary.
We will eliminate the anxiety of customers and international students by removing language and cultural barriers through introduction education through foreign interpreters and daily follow-up.

300,000 International Students Plan

As for the plan for 300,000 international students, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and other relevant ministries and agencies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) formulated the framework of the plan as of July 29, 2008.

  • As part of the development of the Global Strategy, the company aims to accept 300,000 international students by 2020.
  • We will increase the international competitiveness of education and research at universities and other institutions and strategically acquire outstanding international students.
  • Promote the plan in cooperation with relevant ministries, agencies, etc. in a comprehensive and organic manner
Items of strategy
  1. Invitation to study in Japan – Motivation to study in Japan and development of one-stop services
  2. Improvement of entrance, entrance, and entry entrance – Facilitating to study in Japan
  3. Promoting globalization of universities and other institutions – Creating attractive universities
  4. Creating an Accepted Environment – Initiatives for an Environment where students can concentrate on their studies with peace of mind
  5. Promotion of acceptance of society after graduation and termination – Globalization of society –

As of May 1, 2015, the number of international students was 208,379.
As of May 1, 2014 (184,155), sales increased by 24,224 (13.2%).

According to the plan of 300,000 international students, the number of international students accepted exceeded 200,000 in the latest survey in Japan, and the number of international students received more than 20,000 in one year.

In the framework of the plan, promotion of acceptance of society after graduation and termination – Globalization of society – Although the measures after graduation are described, there are many students who are struggling during the study abroad period, and there is always a situation where concern about tuition and living expenses is constant while working on daily study, During the study abroad period, the current situation is to pay for tuition and living expenses for part-time jobs limited to 28 hours a week with permission for activities outside the qualifications.
However, there are still many companies that can provide workplaces to foreigners, and it is one of the most important hurdles that young people who come to Japan with dreams and hopes must first overcome them.

Q.Is it possible to hire an international student as a part-time worker?

A. Students can work part-time if they are approved for activities outside their qualifications. International students who have obtained permission for non-qualification activities are generally granted a comprehensive non-qualification permit without identifying their place of employment or time of day up to 28 hours a week, provided that their part-time job is not a place pertaining to a sales office that includes sex or customs-related business (within 8 hours per day during the long-term leave period of the educational institution). Please note that if you engage in a part-time job without obtaining permission for activities other than qualifications, you will be working illegally.

If you obtain “permission for activities other than qualifications” from the Immigration Office in advance and work within that range, you will not be working illegally.
If “Permission: In principle, except for the engagement of manners and customs business, etc. within 28 hours per week” in the activity column other than the qualification of the residence card, it is possible to work.